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Miscellaneous Collection of 100 Photographs for Stock Exhibition

Item ID: 476
Category: Lists
Approx Year: 1995

Full Description:
Numbered A4 list recording a random collection of 100 copy photographs loaned by residents of Stock as part of the 1995 Commemorations on the 50th Anniversary of the end of WW2 (Item Nos. 476A&B). These were collected and put together as an exhibition by the late Jenny Berkley.
The typed list gives a brief description of each photograph, although the number allocated to the photograph has no significance to our cataloguing system. Each picture is now being individually catalogued and a second list prepared cross-referencing the numbers (Item Nos. 476C&D - on-going).
The original photographs were duly returned to the donors. Many of the copy photographs have been laminated for preservation purposes by Stock Village Library who held the collection prior to their being deposited at the Heritage Centre, and are generally in good condition. Others have been mounted on thick card, and a title added, by local photographer A E Griffiths. A further reference number was added by the library to some pictures and is also now redundant. In 2004 Andrew Pepper kindly recorded the complete collection on a CD (see Item No. 403).

One picture is currently missing from the collection - No. 092 on the list - but this image has now been retrieved from the above CD and duly catalogued as a copy.

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