Stock & Buttsbury Heritage Society


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Parnell Mews, Stock

Item ID: 492
Category: Official Records
Approx Year: 2009

Full Description:
A4 glossy advertising brochure for the Heley Properties conversion of part of the former single residence at 38 High Street, Stock into 4 mews cottages. Leaflet prepared by Douglas Allen of Billericay, who marketed the properties. The leaflet comprises a single-fold document (Item No. 492A) with one internal separate page showing plans of the four new dwellings (Item No. 492B). The leaflet itself gives a general description of the development, including some features of Stock village and a map of the area.
Subsequent to their construction the Royal Mail listed the dwellings as 1, 1a, 3, & 3a Back Lane, Stock.

All in good condition. Bear in mind there may be Copyright issues.

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