Stock & Buttsbury Heritage Society


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Schedule of DVDs at Stock & Buttsbury Heritage Centre

Item ID: 497
Category: Lists
Approx Year: 2017

Full Description:
Complete list of DVDs and other media held at the Heritage Centre, or elsewhere, as at June 2016 (Item Nos. 497A&B). These mainly cover the numerous talks given to our members at the monthly meetings of the Society from 2007 onwards. Additionally, there are a number of DVDs, tapes and collections of photographs recording various occasions in Stock, ranging from celebrations of Royal events on the Village Green to early memories of the Village as recollected by long-term residents.

Where applicable, each DVD has been separately catalogued, and the first column on the list gives a cross-reference to the catalogue number, which can be checked individually for content.

Simply for comparison, a similar list prepared in 2010 by the late Jenny Berkley is included (Item No. 497C). This comprises a mere 9 DVDs, and shows how the collection has grown in six years. The list has been cross-referenced to the current catalogued DVDs and actually gives a little fuller description of each DVD compared with the latest list.

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